Friday, June 17, 2011

Something political? Saving the free market without releasing the beast.

I've noticed a lot of candidates using the phrase "getting government out of the way". Usually this is followed by something like "so they can make more profit and hire people. ..
I hate the phrase "getting government out of the way". The divide between many sensible people is created with this idea and way of thinking. It's not hard to imagine why someone that is primarily a democrat (I use democrat because this is the republican primary) might look at that statement and see it as cutting the few restraints left holding a very dangerous creature that has so far only showed itself to want to rape and pillage humanity and the environment to gain more power for itself (speaking of big corporations of course).

It’s not hard to understand someone fearing this happening and thinking that anyone that would want to do this is either not thinking clearly or worse, is on the side of this beast.

The difference between when I hear Ron Paul speak of this vs someone like Palin or Cain is that Ron Paul seems to understand that it’s about the market (which is controlled by the needs and wants of the people) and not the massive corporations that just want to be free to rape and pillage more.

What needs to be talked about more is the fact that government regulation doesn't hold down the big scary beast at all; but instead it sets the rules so the beast can grow bigger and competition outside of a few major players becomes impossible. Government regulation doesn't get in the way of hiring people as much as it gets in the way of the free market doing its work and creating the jobs needed to supply this massive economy.

I think if that was talked about more with less about getting the government “out of the way” or lowering the burden on the haves so they can better open their hearts and wallets to the have nots, we might get an intelligent discussion in this country instead of two sides that not only don't understand each other but usually don't even understand the argument they themselves are trying to make.

To think about it another way, don’t you think that if the big corporations really wanted government “out of the way” they would be pushing like hell for someone like Ron Paul? What do they instead do over and over again? They give boatloads of money and resources to big government politicians that set the rules in their favor while disguising it as regulation. It’s much more profitable to have the rules set in your favor than to have no rules at all.

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