Monday, March 08, 2010

Building character in the gym

I'm a huge fitness junkie. It seems though that whenever I speak about this to people outside of my fitness circle I tend to get a lot of similar responses from people. This is especially true when I try to get others involved. The response is always regarding the vanity aspect of fitness. While in principle this is fine, one thing I always try to get across to people is that gym going is not just for vanity and really, to me, its more than just health. To me its about building character. Its that final push when your body is screaming at you to quit. Its about finding that last little ounce of enerfy in your body that you would otherwise swear to its nonexistance. Its about finding out what you have resting in your soul.

The following is an article from that talks about just that. It's a little long I warn you but completely worth the read.

Building character in the gym

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