Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it time to pack away a few goals? - FitnessQuests

Is it time to pack away a few goals? - FitnessQuests

We constantly hear that we should make more goals. In order to be successful we must have lots of goals and practice it all day by day. What is rarely discussed are the negative aspects of this however. What about the fact that not only are we now jumping one foot to the next trying to accomplish multiple things, but then when we fail at all of them, we now have to deal with the fact that we now feel like complete losers. The reason why having goals works is because it sets a personal obligation. I think having obligations is a healthy thing personally but what about when you spread yourself thin with too many obligations?

For most of us, not only do we not accomplish any of them, the little we do accomplish is subpar. People that love us recieve less of our attention. We become closed off, stressed out, and generally no fun to be around. This article explores whether dropping a few of your goals might be just the thing to make your life a little better and more productive.

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